Recommended players in PES 2008

October 31, 2007

Might be worth a look if you want some gems for a ML season.

All credit goes to Gnels and Jonesy from who have been playing random matches, and have come across some decent talent.

Mic Williams – M. Williams (Trinidad & Tobago)
O. Sanchez (Mexico)
Timer – Maik Taylor (Northern Ireland)

Dagaka – Kaebi (Iran)
Van Damme (RSC Anderlecht)
Apam (OGC Nice)
Nelson (Benfica)
Arc Hugo (Northern Ireland)

Bastin – K. Baptiste (Trinidad & Tobago)
Centena – Centeno (Costa Rica)
P. Garcia (Real Murcia)
Lesage (Auxerre)

Vahirua (FC Lorient)
Bakari Kone (OGC Nice)
Bamogo (OGC Nice)
Saviola (Argentina)
Quagriella (Udinese)
Di Natale (Udinese)
Mantorras (Benfica)
Batuhan (Besiktas)
Miguel De las Cuevas (A. Madrid)

Audard (FC Lorient)
Bezana – Porras (Costa Rica)



Tchite (RSC Anderlecht)


PES on your mobile

October 30, 2007

Courtesy of Konami:
Konami’s PES 2008 selected by Vodafone to drive mobile gaming across territories

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 heads for deployment across operator’s territories as the first ‘Hero Game’
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has confirmed the release of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer title game for mobile phones, alongside its console versions this week.

The long anticipated PES 2008 mobile game will be Vodafone’s first ‘Hero Game’, as the operator continues to drive awareness and take-up of mobile gaming among its global subscriber base.

PES 2008 was developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH and will be distributed and co-marketed by Glu in EMEA, Australia and New Zealand. It is the first mobile soccer game to allow users to play football as they wish via a unique one button control system perfected for mobile gaming. The balanced action allows users to use flowing short pass game, pin-point-accurate long up-field passes, or stunning dribbles towards your opponent’s goal. Featuring superb graphics and animation, accurate ball physics and incredible game play, PES 2008 is the most playable and realistic football experience ever seen on mobile.

Florian Stronk, Head of Mobile Business Department at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, commented: “We are very excited about our first product which was developd in our newly-established Paris studio. Everyone did a great job as PES 2008 is the very first mobile football title, which is built upon great playability, true ball physics and life-like realism – similiar to its counterparts for consoles.

Suresh Sudera, Head of Games at Vodafone Group commented, “PES 2008 was selected by Vodafone after extensive collaboration with its local markets and careful examination of the co-marketing, handset and promotional support offered by Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH and Glu Mobile”.

Trailer can be found here

PES 2008 Bug

October 29, 2007

This is pretty dissapointing, PES fans. It seems that scoring a goal from the half way line is unrealisticly easy to do in PES 2008.

Here is a video in action of a bug that Pro evo fans have discovered.

Credit to Tallon for discovering this:

Trick is to sprint, charge long pass to full gaunge, and hold R2 (or high arc button) and point towards goal. Players with good power always do well.”

I’ve tried this myself and scored twice in about 7-10 efforts.

This really does have match ruining potential, especially in online.

PS3 Port Issues: A Solution

October 28, 2007

Quite a few people on the PS3 have complained of port issues, saying the have got the following error when attempting to connect: “Can not connect using UPD port 5730,check network settings”

Here is a solution I have come across:

1. Go to – find your router

2.Follow all instructions for setting up Playstation network as a port BUT swap all PS network port numbers and names for PES 2008 (5730)

3. One more thing you may need depending on your router to tell it where to make the ports available e.g playstation not your PC…..but portforwarding told me how to do that.

Try it and let us know how it goes.

…:::mccroix’s option file 1.1:::…

October 27, 2007

Here is my second uploaded Option File for the PS3

New features highlighted green

  • Updated Premierleague Kits (improved) (only using the editor, not badges etc)
  • All Premierleague TransfersCorrected Player & Club Names (delay on corrected names on national teams)
  • Updated Starting XI for every Premierleauge Team again
  • Assigned stadiums to each club
  • Improved player appearancesSlightly adjusted/improved player stats (stamina, some corrections in each team such as passing, speed etc)
  • 8 Premierleauge Kit Templates, which are:
    • Arsenal Home
    • Aston Villa Home (optional, replacing Arsenal Away)
    • Manu Home
    • Blackburn Home (optional) replacing Manu Away
    • Chelsea Home
    • Man City Home (optional, replacing Chelsea Away)
    • West Ham Home (optional replacing Liverpool Away)

Please comment and give your opinion


to install:

1) Create Folder “PS3″ on yur usb device
2) Create Folder SAVEDATA in”PS3”
3) copy BLES00110EEDIT01 from “mccroix’s option file 1.1” into SAVEDATA


I’ve made a total of 12 kits

You must use (Arsenal Home, Manu Home, Liverpool, Chelsea Home)

The remaining 4:

Arsenal Away OR Aston Villa Home
Manu Away OR Blackburn Home
Chelsea Away OR Man City Home
Liverpool Away OR West Ham Home



it should look like this : PS3/SAVEDATA/[i]9 folders[/i]
start PS3
go to save data utility
copy all data from usb stick to PS3 hdd



It’s (kind of) here!

October 27, 2007

Here it is guys, NGP Option File 1.0

1-First off, you will download the option file from the link provided. (yousendit and rapidshare links. If you can’t download either, leave a comment and I’ll upload somewhere else)
2-You will find yourself with a .zip file. Simply click it to extract the files.
3-Then you will have a folder called something along the lines of BLES0011OPTION.
4- Get your usb stick out, put it in the PC.
5- Creat a folder in said usb stick, calling it PS3
Inside the PS3 folder, create another folder called SAVEDATA
6- Copy/Paste all of the files into the SAVEDATE folder.
7- Boot up PS3, go to Saved Data Utility
8- You will see your memory stick there, click that and you will see your option file.
9- Push triangle, and then copy.
10- Boot up PES2008.

Download link:

EDIT: As you’ll be able to tell from the comments, this didn’t work. We apologise and will post up a new option file with actual badges and sponsors in a few weeks.

EDIT pt.2 : It actually is working now, but most of the original work we did is gone. So if you want a decent option file with semi-sorted out kits and real team names, then download this. We’ll have a proper NGP option file in a couple of weeks though.

PES takes off…

October 27, 2007

Just like to start with a thanks to TH14 for starting me off on!

It seems a bit useless me having a blog when I’m yet to play the game! It was delivered yesterday to my home whilst I was at work, and still waiting for me as I travelled down to Reading to visit my girlfriend! Ah well…

You may have seen, if you are a member of Facebook, the appreciation group entitled “The PES 2008 (Pro Evo 7) Appreciation Society”. This group has been used very well so far, for linking to other websites such as, and other forums, helping PESfans all over iron out any initial playing issues etc.

There have been a few events over the past few days, which have already been mentioned, but just to recap; we have option files available for PS3, and ones of even more grandure for the PC version. Unfortunately, it seems that XBoxers among you may have some more difficulty in upgrading the aesthetics of your PES – option files are apparently not shareable on the Microsoft Network… for now, at least. Also, there have been issues concerning lag in the PS3 version, and more recently, people telling of the same happeining on the 360. Konami have indeed admitted that there is a problem, and are working on a universal patch to fix these problems… when this will be released is another issue.

As I say, I have yet to even LOOK at PES, so as soon as I’ve played my first game, I’ll let you all know how it went… Peace out.