For those of you suffering slowdown on the ps3…

There’s been quite a bit of discussion various forums regarding slowdown on the PS3. This may help decrease the slowdown:

• [Settings]> [Settings BD (Blu-ray Disc) / DVD]> [Booster DVD]> [No]
• [Settings]> [Settings BD (Blu-ray Disc) / DVD]> [BD 1080p/24 output Hz (HDMI)]> [No]
• [Settings]> [Settings BD (Blu-ray Disc) / DVD]> [format audio output BD / DVD (HDMI)]> [Bitstream]
• [Settings]> [Settings game]> [Revamp PS/PS2]> [No]
• [Settings]> [Settings game]> [Smoothing PS/PS2]> [No]
• [Settings]> [System Settings]> [Message notification]> [Do not show]
• [Settings]> [Network Settings]> [Connecting to multimedia server]> [Disabled]
• [Settings]> [Network Settings]> [Internet]> [Disabled]


A little list of good/ bad stadiums with thanks to cpt1979
(stadium effects off and has been installed on the hard drive)

No Slowdown
San Siro – confirmed no slowdown
Estadio Dragon – No slow down noticed
Estadio Jose De Alvalade – Not noticed
Bristol Mary Stadium – None noticed

Slight slowdown
Ville Marie Stadium – Very slight, does not distract
Konami Stadium – Slight slowdown, does not detract from game

Slowdown Evident
Bernabeu – slowdown present
Estadio Da Luizii – Considerable slow down, ended game


25 Responses to For those of you suffering slowdown on the ps3…

  1. Dave says:

    Why not get a X360 – PS3 sucks – more money, worse games and slowdown – let’s face it the PS3 is fucking crap

  2. . says:

    Let’s face it, you are crap.

  3. Dave's killer says:

    Jesus Dave, grow the fuck up

  4. Tom says:

    am getting slowdown/lag on the 360 too, guessin they’re similar things to try and change to sort it? no way of getting rid of this totally?

  5. Mo says:

    Pretty surprised you’re getting lag on the 360, is it as bad as the PS3? I’ve had the game for 4 days now on the 360, no issues ad of yet.

  6. oyiou says:

    You know its about peoples perceptions, Yes most of the same slowdown happens on 360 to, but people just dont notice it so much coz every game runs like that on 360. funny how few people mention the awful frame rate on halo 3 and pg 4, jesus unless another 360 is about to die, I suppose its possible its a good 6 weeks old. I had them running side by side and they both play the same is what it boils down to. Think its just lazy coding on all platforms

  7. Dan says:

    My PS3 version is running fine, no lag whatsoever, but my mates is running proper shit, the only difference is me playing on a HD telly and him on an SD telly, do you think that could be a potential reason?

  8. Mo says:

    I would normally agree with that, but I’m getting horrible lag on my HDTV.

  9. christopher says:

    the reason we are all getting slow down with any game on the ps3 is pureley because the developers are trying to get as many games out as quickly as possible. its our fault we should all be happy waiting that extra 6 months. this time next year i can see 360’s on ebay realy cheap. the 360 is a brilliant console it just isnt going to be brilliant in a few years the ps3 is shite right now but it will be awesome once its finished and the dev’s have got the hang of the game code.

  10. joe jary says:

    thier working on a patch to cut the lag, and fix the bugs they had to rush pes 08 out so they didnt lose ground to fifa, be patient in a couple of weeks it’ll all be fixed and pes will be immense as ever

  11. Venom003 says:

    I have PS3 version and I only get lag online, which is expected but they are developing a patch for this. So it will possibly sort out both lag online and offline if you are having this problem. I’m annoyed with PES itself because they have only allowed 8 skins space in the edit section – not enough to edit to full premiership kits. FIFA 08 gameplay is rubbish but they have all the kits, PES gameplay is excellent but don’t have all the kits. As goes for XBOX 360 – 5 year warranty says a lot – POOH!!!!

  12. Peter Gabriel says:

    I have experienced no slowdown on the PS3 what so ever. Haven’t the faintest what all the commotion is all about. For your info I own an original PS3 (release date) and have been playing Tiger Woods since it’s release.


    I imagine all you have fake ps3’s or something. I advise you all to hit your PS3’s WITH A …..SLEDGEHAMMER>……BOO WOW…..


  13. holy pes player :) says:

    ty for the info …………………Bill is gay

  14. Gost says:

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    may be i need my self blog

  15. bbizbor says:

    Я смотрю вас здесь уже заспамили

  16. bcelec says:

    Ive had my Ps3 250 GB for 2 days now and i have major slow downs through Lan & WLan on stagevu ( Divx Movies, all my blu-ray and other video settings are off, i dont know what to do…although when i watch south park on xepisodes it works amazing.

  17. DKilner says:

    Never in my time of playing the PS3 have I had such slow down, plus some of the textures and that have really taken a turn for the worse too. I do have the original PS3 though, it is quite old. But I’ve heard the new slim PS3 have the same problems.

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  20. diyet says:


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