It’s (kind of) here!

Here it is guys, NGP Option File 1.0

1-First off, you will download the option file from the link provided. (yousendit and rapidshare links. If you can’t download either, leave a comment and I’ll upload somewhere else)
2-You will find yourself with a .zip file. Simply click it to extract the files.
3-Then you will have a folder called something along the lines of BLES0011OPTION.
4- Get your usb stick out, put it in the PC.
5- Creat a folder in said usb stick, calling it PS3
Inside the PS3 folder, create another folder called SAVEDATA
6- Copy/Paste all of the files into the SAVEDATE folder.
7- Boot up PS3, go to Saved Data Utility
8- You will see your memory stick there, click that and you will see your option file.
9- Push triangle, and then copy.
10- Boot up PES2008.

Download link:

EDIT: As you’ll be able to tell from the comments, this didn’t work. We apologise and will post up a new option file with actual badges and sponsors in a few weeks.

EDIT pt.2 : It actually is working now, but most of the original work we did is gone. So if you want a decent option file with semi-sorted out kits and real team names, then download this. We’ll have a proper NGP option file in a couple of weeks though.


47 Responses to It’s (kind of) here!

  1. satellite says:

    Any chance of an option file for the 360?

  2. link baiting says:

    Yea I was wondering the same thing.

  3. Mo says:

    Sorry, it’s impossible to release an option file on the 360.

  4. olly says:

    it says the data is corrupted on the PS3?

  5. Mo says:

    When do you see that olly? When you click on the usb, or where?

  6. olly says:

    when you click on the memory stick when its in the PS3.
    it then wont let me copy it because its corrupted

  7. Mo says:

    Hmm, this could be because I made them zip files rather than .rar files. I’ll re-upload them noq

  8. STREETS says:

    How do i put his on my ps3 iv followed the instutions but carnt seem to find the file on my memory stick under the saved data utility?

  9. olly says:

    thanks Mo! give me a link to them when your done!

  10. Erik says:

    Sorry mate. Even if I’ve overwritten the file in my ps3, it still doesn’t work. I deleted my current option file and copied it again.. Doesn’t work either. Evra is still on the left wing and Giggs is STILL a striker. Dammit… !

  11. olly says:

    maybe after Mo has re-uploaded them as .rar files it will work. have faith!

  12. Mo says:

    Okay lads, try this one out
    Let us know if it works. If not, we’ll figure out what the problem is and sort it out later tonight/tommorow.
    Apologies for the inconvenience,hopefully the link above works.

  13. olly says:

    now the PS3 says there is nothing there! is it meant to be a single file?
    I have tried to download this file all day using loads of different things but the file is either not there or its corrupt 😦

  14. Mo says:

    Okay, I’ve figured out where I’ve went wrong and it should work fine now. Give me a minute to re-upload.

  15. Mo says:

    Here it is guys, this really should work now.
    Let me know if it does so I can add it to the main post.

    As said before, simply download it, extract and you’ll get a folder. Put the folder in PS3>SAVEDATA through the usb.

  16. mcgrady79 says:

    whenever i download the file and then try to click into it, it says windows cannot open this file. help.

  17. Mo says:

    The yousendit file above? It’s loading fine for me.

  18. olly says:

    it says its corrupted again!

  19. olly says:

    its says its corrupted on the PS3

  20. Mo says:

    This is pathetic. You’ve done exactly what I said? I guess we’re going to have to delay this option file.
    Apologies everyone.

  21. olly says:

    I did everything extracted, copied and paste and put under the right folders!
    Don’t worry about it!
    Make sure to post something up when youve fixed it!
    Also when do you think it will be fixed?

  22. Mo says:

    Maybe it was for the better. To be honest, it was just plain kits with a few transfers. We’ll work on an actual option file for all clubs, with newly created teams and players. We’ll also sort out the badges and sponsors. This’ll take a couple of weeks to a month.

  23. STREETS says:

    it woks fine cheers

  24. Mo says:

    Yeah guys, it seems the option file is working, but it’s lacking quite a bit of the original work. It’s a decent option file if you want correct team names, and decent kits.

    Rest assured we’ll have a proper option file going in a couple of weeks though, maybe sooner.

  25. Ben says:

    hey guys, ive tried the newest upload and it copies fine but when i go into my edit mode the kits are still the old ones, any ideas in 1. what i need to do or 2. whats the problem???


  26. Mo says:

    By old ones, do you mean Arsenal’s second kit is yellow? If so, try installing again and overwriting. And if you’re seeing arsenal’s second kit as the normal white one, then it installed correctly.

  27. Tom says:

    Hi, when you finish the proper option file with proper kits etc, where will you post it? WENB?

  28. olly says:


    1) Download WinRAR from
    2)Download edit option file from
    3)Create folder on memory stick “PS3”
    4)Within this create folder called “SAVEDATA”
    5)Go to downloaded option file and the WinRAR program means you can extract all the data
    6)Copy extracted files to SAVEDATA folder under PS3 on your mem stick
    7)It will show as PS3 -> SAVEDATA -> “Big folder containing loads of folders”
    8)Get all of the folders within the big one out so that you have loads of folders under SAVEDATA rather than one big one
    9)Put mem stick in PS3 and copy everything from the mem stick onto the PS3 from Game Save Data

    I know this sounds complicated and its hard to explain because im only a kid.
    Proper happy i managed to figure this out on my own!!!

  29. Mo says:

    Hi, when you finish the proper option file with proper kits etc, where will you post it? WENB?
    It will be up on here.

    Good work olly, so are the teams and kits updated?

  30. […] It’s (kind of) here! Here it is guys, NGP Option File 1.0 Instructions 1-First off, you will download the option file from the link […] […]

  31. 0nebeloved says:

    hello world?…..

  32. Mo says:

    Wow, this post got tagged on’s top posts, 13th in their post of the day ranks.

  33. slk24 says:

    nice one guys, keep up the good work.

  34. olly says:

    all the kits are updated and only the Arsenal home kit looks a bit dodgy, the rest look great! The only thing is that i had to copy quite a few bits from the mem stick to the PS3 and thats only for 8 kits so if the whole of the permiership is done then it would be a huge amount to copy! Anyway looking foward to the proper option file!

  35. Mo says:

    I’ll talk to mccroix about adding the 8 kits to the option file so there’s no need for copying, but I doubt it will work as kit images are different. When we do the whole prem I guess you guys are just going to have to copy the kits to the hard drive.

  36. Alessandro Sandonato says:




  37. Mo says:

    As we said, it didn’t record most of our changes. Just stick to mccroix’s option files, as he will be posting them here now.

  38. Alessandro Sandonato says:

    yes but, i’ve just like overwritten my PES 2008 file for this, surely it’s harsh, but i have to say i like seeing liverpool with a sponsered kit on PES for once 😀 …

    thanks 😀 ..x

  39. Demy says:

    i have been trying to download the file, but when i click on the link, it says the download limit for this file has been reached. Any chance someone can put it on again?

  40. Dirty Ben says:

    You have to pay for it? Why should i pay for it, i never have before? And by the sound of it, it aint that great anyway. Any free option files anywhere?

  41. Mo says:

    As i said, you don’t have to pay, just click download.

  42. Alessandro Sandonato says:

    you dont have to pay, dont download it people, it’s pointless, nothing changes appart from liverpool’s, chelsea’s, arsenal’s and Man u’s Kit, plus the team names … No Official badges or nothing !!

  43. Dirty Ben says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that the ps2 version is the one to go for? I like a lot of things about the playability in the PS3 game, it’s just a bit shallow and unfulfilling. It seems that Konami made a bit of a hash of both games on both formats. Heyho, there’s always next year lol

    P.S. The saddest thing of all is that we are still going to be playing this game regardless of how rubbish it is cos it will always be better than Fifa.

  44. Alessandro Sandonato says:

    Hey People, Is There A New PES 2008 option file availiable anytime soon?..

    thanks a bunch ! .x

  45. Alessandro Sandonato says:

    Fifa 08 Is Fucking Amazing, Dirty Ben, Dont Chat Shit I’ll Snap Your Jaw ……

    Fifa For Life Me, It’s Just I’m Sick Of Konami Being Wanker’s And Not Getting It Licenced.

    Regard’s !

  46. ajay says:

    safe thankz

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