…:::mccroix’s option file 1.1:::…

Here is my second uploaded Option File for the PS3

New features highlighted green

  • Updated Premierleague Kits (improved) (only using the editor, not badges etc)
  • All Premierleague TransfersCorrected Player & Club Names (delay on corrected names on national teams)
  • Updated Starting XI for every Premierleauge Team again
  • Assigned stadiums to each club
  • Improved player appearancesSlightly adjusted/improved player stats (stamina, some corrections in each team such as passing, speed etc)
  • 8 Premierleauge Kit Templates, which are:
    • Arsenal Home
    • Aston Villa Home (optional, replacing Arsenal Away)
    • Manu Home
    • Blackburn Home (optional) replacing Manu Away
    • Chelsea Home
    • Man City Home (optional, replacing Chelsea Away)
    • West Ham Home (optional replacing Liverpool Away)

Please comment and give your opinion


http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=ZBZ8RHBN” OR

to install:

1) Create Folder “PS3″ on yur usb device
2) Create Folder SAVEDATA in”PS3”
3) copy BLES00110EEDIT01 from “mccroix’s option file 1.1” into SAVEDATA


I’ve made a total of 12 kits

You must use (Arsenal Home, Manu Home, Liverpool, Chelsea Home)

The remaining 4:

Arsenal Away OR Aston Villa Home
Manu Away OR Blackburn Home
Chelsea Away OR Man City Home
Liverpool Away OR West Ham Home



it should look like this : PS3/SAVEDATA/[i]9 folders[/i]
start PS3
go to save data utility
copy all data from usb stick to PS3 hdd




68 Responses to …:::mccroix’s option file 1.1:::…

  1. Mo says:

    Great work, mccroix, keep it up

  2. eoghan9 says:

    Il download this now. great job mccroix

  3. Anil Patel says:

    I was just wondering if their is any way at all you can all the villa, blackburn etc kit & all the home and awat kits of the top 4?

    Also the main thing i wanted to know is which stats on which players did u edit? please reply back or contact me back at patelcfc@hotmail.com.


  4. mccroix says:

    I’m working on a way, that every person can chose the combination of kits by himself for the next OF…

    concerning the stats: it’s nothing big..just upgraded a few stats (1-5pts) regarding the players performance this year. for example it’s just wrong that gilberto has the same passer rating as fabregas. things like that

  5. mcgrady79 says:

    when i went into the ps3 the kits were all corrupted data.

  6. Ian says:

    When i download it…It comes in as a file rather than a zipped folder…what am i doing wrong??

  7. Ali says:

    When will you be releasing all the strips in the premiership?

  8. bham says:

    i am having trouble with this i copy the files on to my usb and once i sqitch my ps3 on and go to save utilty and click on my usb there are no files in there

  9. Anil Patel says:

    which r the playerz which u have update thow.

    Thank You agen.

  10. Anil Patel says:

    i was just wonder who the playerz you have changed?

    Thank You

    PS: you option file rules!!!

  11. Sam Skipper says:

    Cheers dude.

    Great work

  12. gabs says:

    yo when u download the option file which one do u download if u are using the rapid share because there is like 10 different ones which one do i pick

  13. sivvy says:

    Nice work!!!

  14. AC2202 says:

    wicked work mate nice do you know if we can add more kits ?
    but very nice work you made pro evo much beta already thanks keep up the great work

    me email is here could you let me know if you have any updates ?

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. ka says:

    my ps3 says that there are no files on my USB device.
    Do you know why?

  17. Blues Beno says:

    Four of the kits share the same file name as other kit files(kits 2, 4, 6, & 8) so you can’t copy them onto the PS3 without overwriting another kit. I have tried changing the file name at the end to 22, 44, 66, 88 but this shows as a corupte file. Is there a way round this? Thanks in advance.

  18. Anil Patel says:

    so does anybdoy know of list of playerz statz hu have been edited? please help.


  19. gsingh76 says:


    Thanks so much for the first option file for the PS3. You have made me and many more very happy : – )

    I have also started to edit stats etc. Perhaps you could share how you go about it so that the work can be shared.

    Thanks again great job with instructions that actually make sense


  20. Ric says:

    Just coming up as corrupted data? Any help would be much appreciated.

  21. Anil Patel says:

    SO who are the player statz which have been edited then?????????????????????????????????????

    please somebody reply.

  22. Anil Patel says:

    or @ least give me the name of sum of the team names for some of playerz statz u edited.

    please tel me.

    Thank You.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ANIL hes just made an option file on his own time,i cnt believe ur being such a rude twat, who cares what players he has edited u loser

  24. Harry says:


    great work…

  25. Drii says:

    Hi, can someone help me please?
    I folloewed the instructions on how to put the kits on my PS3 but I’m having some trouble. The HOME kits are fine, but the AWAY kits have gone messed up – i.e. the Chelsea away kit is Totenhams HOME kit and so on.

    Any ideas guys?


  26. Kenny says:

    My PS3 just can’t read the files in save data utilities. It said there is no save file, what’s wrong with my steps? Thx!

  27. bluekinny says:

    plllleaaaaase do an everton home kit, and away kit.
    i think it would be a great idea to do all home kits and away kits for every prem team, then people can just pci which kits they want and upload them to the personal option file

  28. Mo says:

    mccroix attempted this last night, and unfortunately you can’t do that. Sorry.

  29. Dirty Ben says:

    Ta very much. Just being thick and impatient.

  30. Jamunky says:

    great stuff…. sounds like a lot of people are having trouble transferring the data on to their ps3’s – i’ve followed the instructions and will see how i get on tonight…. if it changes the wrong kits or i have probs then i will let you guys know!

  31. Dirty Ben says:

    Once i stopped taking my stupid pills i had no trouble tranferring the stuff over to the PS3. It’s really a piece of wee-wee. Ta, for the help.

  32. Anonymous says:

    When I download and try to extract the files it says it cannoy open file as archive. I’m useless with these things so can someone please help!

  33. PS3King says:

    Thanks heaps mccroix! It works really well, excellent efforts!

  34. Anil Patel says:

    fuk u u dikhed u no best 2 stay annoymous coz u no i wud knock u da fuk out u fukin big nosed twat

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anil you are a bit of a cunt arnt you?

  36. abz says:

    wen i download the file i cant extract it , i try to put the rar on my ps3 but it wont work can sum1 help me out plzzz great work duh

  37. Anil says:

    yur mom wore sayin dat last night. dat it u stay Anonymous.

    so does ani1 know the playerz who’s statz have been edited.

    PS: da option file is as gud as Anonymous’s mom.(she 1 dirty bitch thow!!!)

  38. Anonymous says:

    haha never thought that it could be more then one person no? thick cunt

    about 12 are you? up late tonight u were. Your parents don’t seem very good

  39. Anonymous says:

    Anil, grow the fuck up.

  40. Ali says:

    Right everyone having trouble with option files. Not to worry as im making a step by step guide with pictures! So give me an hour or so and ill be finished.

  41. Mo says:

    Ali, that’s fantastic. Any chance you could send it to mail@nextgenpes.com ? We’ll put it up and give credit to you obviously.

  42. Ali says:

    sure ill email it now

  43. Ali says:

    Its bullit-proof btw lol.

  44. thegibster says:

    copied them onto my ps3 in the saved data bit, but how do i get then to go on the game, went to edit etc but the strips are still the same

  45. Mo says:

    Try the tutorial in the latest post.

  46. thegibster says:

    sorry mate can you give me a link

  47. Mo says:

    It’s simply https://nextgenpes.wordpress.com ! Just click on the banner at the top of this page or “Home” to access the main site.

  48. thegibster says:

    cheers mate, done it all again as instructed but they still dont appear on the strips, each time i have tried this i get i corrupted file , wondering if this has anything to do with it

  49. thegibster says:

    sorted , had to go to edit team and manually load each one onto the strip, cheers

  50. Ali says:

    Good to see you’ve sorted it.

  51. Leo says:

    Ali, have you got that step by step guide of how to transfer it to the PS3 still? Be great if you could e-mail it to me to, leo4han@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  52. Stan says:

    Hi can anyone email the option patched file to me pls, I could not access if from megauploade or rapidshare….. maybe I’m in the south east asia zone, so sorry. thanks alot for your help. 🙂

    my email : stantan@hotmail.com

  53. Greig says:

    Folks, for all of you who seem to be having the problem of no files showing up on your saved data utility on PS3 once you have inserted the usb stick complete with files, try this…….
    BEFORE you do any of the steps to put the files on your usb stick, put it in your pc and format it completely. It seems that residual data is corrupting the process. Once formatted, go through the steps above and it should work fine. cheers and good luck.

  54. abdulla says:

    well im impressed but it wouldnt hurt to make the whole premier league kits and logos that would be impressive

  55. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  56. ange says:

    great job there…just one thing…can ya tell us how or which program do ya use to make the kits???

    another thing… is it possible to make the emblems on pes2008 for ps3??

    thks keep it up

  57. Anonymous says:

    this option file is shit, u put no effort into ti, d chelsea away jersey is a joke, if u want an option file go to neoseeker!

  58. Alvaro says:

    Hello, I’m spanish. I will say in spanish one thing and please if you can translate and answer me.

    He intentado hacer lo mismo con el Zenit de Saint Petersburg. He reado el equipo sobre uno japones del Pes 2008, y he reemplazado la fotografia del ManU por una camiseta del Zenit, con igual tamaño, igual formato, etc… Pero cuando voy al menu editar, y intento poner el Logo de Pecho que tengo, me sale la foto de la camiseta del ManU. No se porque es y me gustaria que alguien me dijera el porque o que intentara hacer lo que he dicho.

    THANKS : )

  59. john says:

    my friend wants me to send him my option file via e mail how do i do that any body?

  60. Robor says:

    Thank you for a good stuff…

    Thank you

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    …:::mccroix’s option file 1.1:::… | Next Gen PES

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