PES takes off…

Just like to start with a thanks to TH14 for starting me off on!

It seems a bit useless me having a blog when I’m yet to play the game! It was delivered yesterday to my home whilst I was at work, and still waiting for me as I travelled down to Reading to visit my girlfriend! Ah well…

You may have seen, if you are a member of Facebook, the appreciation group entitled “The PES 2008 (Pro Evo 7) Appreciation Society”. This group has been used very well so far, for linking to other websites such as, and other forums, helping PESfans all over iron out any initial playing issues etc.

There have been a few events over the past few days, which have already been mentioned, but just to recap; we have option files available for PS3, and ones of even more grandure for the PC version. Unfortunately, it seems that XBoxers among you may have some more difficulty in upgrading the aesthetics of your PES – option files are apparently not shareable on the Microsoft Network… for now, at least. Also, there have been issues concerning lag in the PS3 version, and more recently, people telling of the same happeining on the 360. Konami have indeed admitted that there is a problem, and are working on a universal patch to fix these problems… when this will be released is another issue.

As I say, I have yet to even LOOK at PES, so as soon as I’ve played my first game, I’ll let you all know how it went… Peace out.


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