Didier Drogba talks PES 2008

Taken from Foot-Interview
It’s in French, but here is a rough translation:

Didier, finally, you are not with the evening of launching…

I make a point of excusing me for my absence, because I have a match tomorrow (Wednesday, in Carling Cup, note). I hope that the play likes everyone. Because like known as the so well advertizing, it is my play, it is our play. I hope that you will have fun very.

You are with the green, with the hotel. You would not be playing there by chance?
I am making me mass! (He laughs). One needs relaxation and rest, the day before of the match.

You tested PES 2008 in preview. Which is your opinion?

Me, I am really very content. There is for example technical epic which was added and which is really realistic, in the event the talonnade where one passes the ball behind the foot of support which I sometimes make. And then my character resembles to me much more! From France, one asked Konami, in Japan, to make an effort to model as well as possible the Didier Drogba virtual… I thank much for it. Besides I make a point of saying that I give myself pleasure and that it is a pleasure of working with Konami. Thank you with all and have fun!

Wonder what he thinks of the new diving feature!


One Response to Didier Drogba talks PES 2008

  1. moukouri says:

    didier do not worry you know that everyone knows that you the best me and friends are praying for you to be the best player of this year so do not worry didier you will win and we are still voting for you didier yves drogba tebily si tu recois ce message repon moi sur mon e mail ok moukouri2008@yahoo.com avec l`amour que j`ai puor toi j`esper bien que tu me reprendra cette fois so bye KING D.D

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