The Repercussions Of Removing Kit Selection In Master League

Above is a video of me playing my master league with Newcastle. I’m facing Besiktas in this match and PES 2008 has generously paired both of us up with the exact same kit colors. This would never be an issue if you were simply allowed to select your kit, but this has mysteriously been removed from the game. Whether it’s lazy programming or not enough space to fit in (which is a piss poor excuse, especially on a PS3), this needs to be sorted out, hopefully in a patch released by Konami, rather than in PES 2009.

Also to mention this is what Besiktas’ away kit looks like .
Why they couldn’t pair us up with Newcastle Home and Besiktas away is baffling.


3 Responses to The Repercussions Of Removing Kit Selection In Master League

  1. Florent says:

    There is a same issue in French Ligue with the Monaco that got a red/White shirt for Home ( in fact in the game the shirt in really white). I don’t know why they consider automatically that it’s red so playing with monaco is simply impossible.

    Hope that will be solved as it is possible in exhibition why not in the other modes ?????



  2. I created Rochdale (Sad i know!) and i’m getting the exact same problem in many games. Black and White stripes simply aren’t good for this game. Worse still, my away strip is bright yellow, but yet they’ll still make me wear my black & white home strip in away games when there is clearly a kit clash. How could the testers not find this problem! In some games the shorts and socks even clashed colour but still there wasn’t a switch!

    All i can think of is my away kit also clashes with the referees, and maybe that stops the switch. I cannot be bothered changing it though as its a long shot šŸ™‚

    This needs a fix because it makes some matches almost impossible to play.

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