The Weekly Monday Round-Up

Not much for today, the main news being that Konami were pleased with gaming stores for refusing to break the release date for PES 2008

In other news:

•Many, many PES vs Fifa reviews have surfaced over the last few days. Looks like the general consensus is that PES just about shades it this year, but they better step it up next year or Fifa may win the gaming battle.

• The PES 2008 Demo has finally hit the UK store. According to some, there’s slowdown even on the demo, which is pretty dissapointing.

•PES 2008 will be available to buy on November 8th in Australia.

•PES 2008 now has a myspace! This is run by official members of Konami, so check back for news.

•Here are the first images of the capabalities of editing on a 360, courtesy of WENB

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news regarding a 360 option file.

Have we missed anything? Send us an email to


One Response to The Weekly Monday Round-Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    O.o Torres looks great. hope the wenb team fix him up like that on the ps3 version.

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