Another slowdown solution…

As all you PS3 and probably non-PS3 owners know the PS3 version of PES2008 has slowdown. Sony fanboy or not it’s not very good. So here’s another possible solution to your problems. It does require you to turn off the commentary (OH NO!!) and the BGM (even BIGGER OH NO!!…Seriously though there’s some good tracks). Ok so here’s what you do;

 First install to the HDD
Turn Off:
1) Commentaries (all)
2) BMG Music (0%)
3) Stadium Effects = NO

 This should at least help the slowdown problem in the game.

Please leave feedback on how this has worked for you.


One Response to Another slowdown solution…

  1. trampdog says:

    I switched off the commentary and sound effects and it did reduce the slowdown considerably.

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