Konami Talk About PES Online

Good to see they’ve found out where they’ve gone wrong and have set a deadline of November the 19th for the patches on both the PS3 and the 360.

Here’s the interview, courtesy of PESforum

There are several issues with the new release but the ones I am mainly concerned about for our users is the Achievements on xbox 360 version and Online play on both versions. Are you aware of how bad the online lag is at the moment both on the xbox 360 version and PS3 version? I am sure you have seen it for yourself and admit this needs to be fixed as a priority.

Yes the lag needs to be sorted out and is an issue we have been working on since a week before official release when we were first made aware of the issues. To minimise lag, try to play against people from your own country and turn all other Internet using equipment off.

Some people have reported seeing a goal go in but beein given a corner, or have seen a free kick go wide but was given as a goal, is this just all part of the lag and will it be fixed?

Yes it is, sometimes it will show on one persons screen as a corner, but the other as a goal, this is the game out of sync, this is the same as free kicks and other situations where on one screen it goes out for a corner but the other it goes in, but we have heard of cases that on both screens it did not go in but was still given as a goal, this is all down to the net code which is all part of the same lag issue which will be rectified with the patch.

Do you have a timescale on when the patch will be released for both versions?

We hope to have the patch released within two weeks at the latest, and have set a deadline of monday 19th November to get this to the public, as we are aware there are a lot of gamers out there that are avoiding a massive part of the game (online play) because of the online issues.

Are you aware of the problem people scoring free kicks online and not getting the achievement? Also several other achievements seem to be given to some people but not others.

Yes this is another issue that will be resolved with the patch, we cannot understand why some people have been given the achievement but others have not, we are currently working on a solution to this and will issue a statement explaining why this happens in the near future.

There are a lot of dissappointed PES fans out there that have even took the game back and bought a certain other football game, what would you say to them?

I would say to ALL PES fans to be patient with us while we rectify the problems, please be assured that we are working very hard to fix these problems. We hope that everyone will soon be enjoying the online aspect of the game which people will love playing with their friends and fellow gamers


30 Responses to Konami Talk About PES Online

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice of them to ask about pes (ps3) offline.. oh wait they didnt! idiots. my ps3 online for pes is near perfect. having no problems. offline however is a disgrace and want them to make a serious comment about it.

  2. […] This is very dissapointing, considering quite a few people on various websites, including me, have the resolution and cables required, yet the slowdown is still evident. Hopefully they’re not trying to weasel out of a patch and one will be release in the coming weeks. […]

  3. Rob, Luton says:

    I have pro on ps3 im a massive fan of the series, i dont even have a job but scraped up the money for brand new hd tv, ps3,hdmi lead which to me transformed motostorm when i plugged it in, stayin with motostorm now this is a game that shows how good ps3 games are online it runs perfect. I seem to play motostorm more than pro (i just laughed to myself there cant believe i said that but its true)simple reason being even though i have everything you need it still LAGS!!! End Off dont lie to us konami.

  4. simon says:

    makes me laugh, i have the ps3 version. konami did you also notice you aint got no spots on the pitch.. ie penalty spot.

  5. liquid says:

    I want normal goalkeaper !!! that is all!

  6. Rui says:

    “nice of them to ask about pes (ps3) offline.. oh wait they didnt! idiots. ”


    what about the people who have SD televisions? the game is RUBBISH on such tvs..

  7. Adam Gibson says:

    Thanks for the update.

    Can I just say that even without online play PES is still the best football game on the market.

    Roll on Nov 19th.

  8. bigdogg says:

    lol, why are you guys still posting here? tehyve moved sites to http://www.nextgenpes.co.uk and the post is at http://nextgenpes.co.uk/?p=37

  9. hisham swar says:

    iam waiting for the new version

    i hope you made it soon

    thank you very much

  10. spiros10 says:

    i have a full hd tv from samsung and i have problems offline and online !

    i hope konami will release a patch for this problems(offline) !

  11. Whappers says:

    no update?

  12. I’ve found a couple of ways to avoid a laggy pes 2008 game online (most of the time!). http://ps3.unerd.co.uk/pes-2008-avoid-lag.php

  13. dwedfe says:

    srijfkjdbikwdc jvsf bdibvhjisqdvahjwedfgbhjkwednbcks ncaers vkgbfnkvrnbcv

  14. chesney says:

    The Problem is still on PES 2008 online play is still glitching when will ths be sorted out, its affect many game user. in the end your sales will decline..

  15. slickmanured manchester benchill says:

    i use pes rankings site an sometimes the game play is laggy, but if u play pes i say all join the pes rankings its real football real pressure when u think your good someone will come along an put u down 2 ground great stuff

  16. GYI.LH says:


  17. guga says:


  18. maggi says:

    omg PES09 online is awful…fucking waste of money….FIFA is soo much better…..i dont know why i even bought it in the first place…..fuck u

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