Celtic Bug On PES2008

Try not to act too surprised guys, but it looks like another PES 2008 glitch has surfaced. Just a quick heads up that according to various PES players from other websites, there is a glitch on Master League mode, where if you play against Celtic, the game won’t start, and your master league will be over. Apparently, you can’t even pick up from the nearest save data, because you’ll still get the same error upon playing them.
I myself have had no issues playing Celtic in the ML, but if you’re about to start one, you might aswell stay on the safe side and remove them from your league.


4 Responses to Celtic Bug On PES2008

  1. bob says:

    i play celtic all the time and its fine, which platform?

  2. Mo says:

    This is on the PS3. On the 360, I’ve not had it at all, but some have on the PS3, so it’s worth a mention.

  3. youngbreeze says:

    Was this reported by a Rangers fan by any chance? You’re running scared and so you should be…

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