A look ahead: PES 2009 Question of the Month

We’ve left you with a question this week about the upcoming release of PES 2009. As you can see on the sidebar to the right, we ask you: “What key improvement for PES2009 would please you most?”
Keep in mind that choosing one option means not much will be changed to the other two options. For example, choosing better online play would mean an excellent online product with no lag, but it would mean only a few minor tweaks have been made to the gameplay and graphics.

If you want to elaborate on your point, leave a comment below and suggest a question for next month at nextgenpes@gmail.com


4 Responses to A look ahead: PES 2009 Question of the Month

  1. Lando says:

    I’d say graphics, slow down the game a bit (not much) and online. Those three things are feasible because the speed is not something that takes much time to fix, the graphics are coming good and they have months to fix the lag. They should allow MUCH more user adjust ability to the Edit mode also.

  2. jackmcswagen says:

    Gameplay all the way, i dont mind that the computer “cheats” sometimes to make the game interesting but i think in pes2009 sometimes the cheating was alot more blatant than other versions. Sometimes you wont even touch the ball for 2 minutes and they will score a goal, may aswell just put your pad down theres nothing you can do

  3. slickmanured says:

    ye i say inprove the online game play, 2 players master leagues an cup event during 2 player leagues and controol settings to switch 2 other teams in league mode so i can play my friends

  4. ninja_united says:

    i think pes09 must improve its graphics, slow down a little bit the pace and finally add some real chants.

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