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7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Francis says:

    Hi, i registered yesterday evening as i wanted to access the page about tutorials of transferring option files from pc to ps3.

    I have yet to recieve my activation email. I have tried opening another account with a different email but you still havn’t sent me an activasion email to that account either.

    The username for the 1st account is ghaggarty and my email is and my second username is glancyboy1983 and the email is

    I hope this is a problem that you can solve.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Mo says:

    It should work fine now.

  3. David Cullen says:

    hi, i’m having the same problem. I registered yesterday with but have not received the activation e-mail. The user name is cullen99.



  4. Mo says:

    I’ve deleted cullen99 and ghaggarty, so just sign up again with those emails and it’ll work,we’ve removed the email activation part, so there won’t be any problems.

  5. viraj says:

    hi, i have got the datel xhchange360 kit which comes with usb to attach the 360 memory card to the pc, i have download’d the (bin.) and (gsx) files for the pes2008 updates but i do not now how to put them onto my memory card…

    when i plug my memory card in to the pc using the usb wire i do not no how to then access the memory card to put on the updates for pes2008…

    can you please tell me how to do this


  6. zizuo says:

    hi i have problem . if i Registration in your Website and Writing

    my cd code he say . your code User With Another person

    my cd code

  7. kudannn619 says:

    i dont know

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